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Jeremy Mitchel

Jeremy Mitchel


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Hello and welcome! I have been gaming since I was two years old. My gaming started with qBert,I believe. At least that is the first one I can remember. Ever since then I have hopped around various systems and eventually gravitated toward pc gaming as my platform of choice.


When i was around 13 i saw my first MMO. My friends dad was playing Ultima online and i found myself fascinated by them. Even more so when they went to EverQuest. I began playing these games and eventually fell in love with genre.


Over the years I have played many games. However, I always kept a passion for the MMORPG''s, in addition to my love of stories and the people in them.


I first met the people from TGS in the course of one such adventure and have stuck by them ever since. I believe it has been around four years now, if not more.


.... Well that''s all there is to know about me for now, I might add more later on. Stay tuned for more information about how I got into game design.

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