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Tony Magil

Tony Magil

QA - Lead GM, QA

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My names Robert Magill but all my friends call me Tony. But you can call me anything you like just don''t call me late for dinner. I am pretty easy going but I have been known to be a brat to several of are senior staff. It is in my nature I think. But enough about that. I have been a gamer all my life from D&D to almost any other pen and paper role play game out there I have tried it and loved them all. I enjoy playing as much as I do writing and running my own worlds, or destroying them on my vindictive days.


I started young and I mean young. I was four years into this world when I made my first character and at the age of five I was already figuring out all the formulas for the game on my own not needing any assistance from my family. I started writing my own stories and Adventures by the age of seven or eight and use to torment my friends with my dastardly dungeons with the help of my fathers evil mind from time to time.


Some of you on the online world may know me as well under different aliases. My most common in the online world is Arduin or Istavon. But there are several others but those are the key ones to look for. If you really want to find out you can hunt me down and send me a message and I will gladly give you my other names and games that i play. The online world and the world of pen and paper games are not my only interest. There is also tabletop warfare of Warhammer and Warmachine that hold my interest as well. If it was not for those video games I would not be here spilling my guts out about this. I met are Leading lady Sarrene through video games. Thanks to my nature and love of fantasy I managed to hit it off and became good friends and got here.


Well I do love to spin a good yawn and tell stories as well as write them I believe that is how I got the job here. That and lots of begging and batting my eyelashes at my Matron there. I know i got sidetracked with my stories of all the things I like but you only brushed the surface of it all. I am a gentle giant only six foot six. I love to read specially fantasy sometimes scify. I am a bit cracked in the head but who is not these days. I am not a huge fan of sports but I will watch them with friends. (But I will hide when the Lions are playing if are beloved Matron is around she is scary). But mostly I am a silent guy who likes to sit back and watch the world roll on by and take notes. I look forward to talking to everyone and happy adventuring. Yours truly Robert "Tony" Magill.

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