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Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant

Team Leads - CTO, Network Engineer

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Jonathan Grant has been working with computers and networks for over 20 years. Starting out in High school he started working for a local Georgia company and lasted throughout college until he signed up for the U.S. Marines.


While in the U.S. Marines, he gained over 8 years experience with both servers and networking. Continuing this career, he is currently working with servers, networking and now VOIP phones.


I was introduced to gaming early and spent many years visiting arcades, playing every generation of console, and all manor of PC based games mainly dealing with flight, space, and shooters until Sarrene introduced me to fantasy based MMORPGs and I have been addicted to them ever since.


Now I will admit being a Marine made my choices of character being mainly tanks but I was coerced into making a healer one day long ago and have been stuck (even though by choice) to playing them ever since. I like having a balanced game where all types of characters are needed and wanted. I still love my tanks and will continue to play them but with a healer you have a job to do and done right the mission is accomplished.

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