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Ken Hutton

Ken Hutton

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Growing up I always enjoyed making my own maps in every game I played.  I always felt that the enemy AI always had the advantage.  When I would build maps I would always take the advantages away for both side forcing myself to keep moving in order to stay in cover. 

Today I design worlds but I never lost the idea I had as a child.  Even today I play test every area of the world I build to ensure that no one person or AI has the advantage.  Each area of cover has a weakness and every weakness can be overcome.  I know the one thing I hated playing Halo was coming around a corner to find a camper blast me in the face with a shotgun.  There are no safe places in any area I design.

When I was asked to join the Dark Relic team I was excited at getting my hands dirty again.  I love video games but I always find myself critiquing the world around them.  I hope to deliver breathe taking views and a world that pulls you in and makes you feel a part of it.

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