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David Miller

David Miller

Past Contributors -

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David is a senior in college with aspirations to be a lifelong learner.

I was introduced to video games by my eldest brother when I was quite young(Atari console). The first computer games I remember playing consisted of only two colors and one of the two colors was black, and by black I mean a lack of yellowish-gold light. I have played games from a wide variety of genres, but ever since I played Ultima Online I have been hooked on the social aspect of massively multiplayer games. My next favorite MMO is Dark Age of Camelot prior to Trials of Atlantis expansion. The level of teamwork that could be used to accomplish amazing feats was something I will never forget.


Game Related Work:

Various unpaid consulting work.

Community Staff/Moderator for Darkfall Online

I aim to bring a well rounded mind with a thorough understanding of player interaction with me. It is better to look to the past to build a better future. Never forget what got us to where we are today.

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