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Craig Bond

Craig Bond

Programmers and Technical - Technical Artist

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I have been an avid game player and designer for many.. many years, my experiences vary from the common gaming ones that many people have, to the design and mechanics development of Pen and Paper RPG's and computer RPG's.  My mind often gets the better of me and I end up being stuck in a design loop until I can figure out exactly what I want.

Ever since I started playing games I have always seen them in a mechanical sense, I have to know the inner workings and find out exactly how things click together.  I started in programming with the Spectrum and as I experienced more areas with computing I grew away from that area and in to the design of software.  I have also pushed my skills towards the building of computers.

My MMO experience varies greatly, from the older UO, Asherons Call, Everquest days up and through the newer Free to play games and next generation types.  I am a huge critic of what I see and play, but I am a bigger critic of my own work.  I have been involved in small guilds, large guilds and all sorts of raiding, however the way I play games normally caters towards the small group style.

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