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Sarrene Grant

Sarrene Grant

Team Leads - Founder, President

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Concept Hand sketchI started drawing since before I could walk. It was something amazing to me. I remember drawing an entire forest on my wall, animals of every kind included. I also remember having to help my mother wash the wall and listen to her grumble about how she just painted the wall.


Since then I have had an art kit of one kind or another and always went back to drawing, painting or sculpting something. However, my career took me down another path. I started out going to school for law enforcement, and worked for a time, until I decided that was not the right path. Going back to college I focused my degree on cultural anthropology and psychology with a focus on theology. Raising a family and working while I went to school, I still found a way to keep creating new things through paint to clay. Even after I finished college and went to work on my career full time.


My other passion I found besides art was role play games. I started with Tunnels and Trolls, moved to Chainmail and then my best friend introduced me to this brand new game called Dungeons and Dragons. After playing a few full games, I started to write my own. I called it The 6th Aspect. This is where Dark Relics roots are at.


Desert OasisWhile working, I found time to also work more with cad3d, then 3d studio max. I got my first contract job working on some game content back in 97. Since then I have tried to learn everything I could about game design, graphics, scripts, and more. Of course, I do believe I drove everyone crazy with all my questions.


I am glad I did, since I retired in 98 I started to focus on computer graphics, 3d graphics and game cell design more and that is what brought me here.


A friend of mine once said during production of another game, "Why don''t we make our own?" and I thought why not! It took two tries to get here, first one was almost 2 and a half years. Yet now here we are with Triad Games, and are ready to show the world what the little guys/gals can do. Triad Games and Dark Relic is a dream come true.




Bring Sexy Back Concept ModelsDesign and Development History

MUSH Development 1985-1988
MUD Development 1987- 1991
Development of The 6th Aspect, published 1991
Multi Player 2d game graphics 1994- 1998
In game short stories and lore 1990-present
Single player game/Multi Player 3d graphic textures 1998-present
MMORPG 3D Game cell/zone design 1998- 2001
Established AVI Graphics 1998
Multi Player 3D Model development 1997- 2000
(Contract) Single Player Models and textures 1997-2000
(Contract) MMORPG 3D Models and textures 1999-2001
Single Player Game Module and Expansion design 2001-2006
(Contract) MMORPG 3D Textures and Cell design 2004-2006
IGN Vault Network Staff 2004-2007
Established Valier Games (co-founder) 2005-2007
SOE community staff 2006-2009
Established VGSOHInterface.com (co-founder) 2006
ZAM Network Staff GUI development 2007-2009 (Present)
Established Triad Game Studios (Founder) 2009- present

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