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The player, chose what path you want to take, and how you will affect the world. You can stay neutral, stay loyal to your birthplace or abandon your homeland for another Regent.  The path you take is your own, how you play is up to you.

As development continues this list will change. Things may be removed or added, however more detail will come once systems are tested and being worked on.

Player Character Features:

    1. Character appearance customizations
    2. Unique character starter options
    3. Ten races to chose from (Five more during Content update)
    4. Unique Semi Classless system to start.
    5. Class and Profession system with a combined level and skill base premises.
    6. Highly customizable player UI

World Features:

    1. Seamless world/No Boundaries
    2. Five developed continents to be releaced over time.
    3. Civics system that all players can be involved in.
    4. Integrated PvE and PvP system; including two separate PvP Systems
    5. Contested land system
    6. Custom crafted music soundtrack and digital sound renditions

Game Features:

    1. Customizable Player Housing
    2. Faction System through out the world
    3. Alignment System that can affect you and others around you.
    4. Five Regents to choose and pleadge your alliegence to.
    5. Unique Class and Profession System
    6. Unique Multi-tiered crafting system


Coming soon!

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