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Artists Corneroffice 05Triad Game Studios gives you a look into the team at TGS and those that have helped with the Dark Relic along the way.


We would also like to recognize and thank all those that have joined temperarily to help out with smaller parts of development.

Many thanks to our team and volunteers: Past, present and future!


TGSTriad Game Studios is a new self funded independent game development company with our goals set high and the dedication to match.

We are currently seeking part and full-time developers for our programming and graphic departments. Specifically, we are looking for aggressive professionals with a proven record with both design and dedication for the long haul to help with our flagship game, Dark Relic Online.

Triad Game Studios is awash in fun personalities who are dedicated and passionate about not only playing but also making unique and lasting gaming experience. The team has a distinct culture, and all staff members are mentored to ensure that they have the opportunities for career development and progress.
If you want to create the world's best MMORPGs, Triad Game Studios is your number one career destination.


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If you are interested in joining our team, please browse the current jobs we have opened right now and fill out an application. Here is a brief list of what we need in addition to the application itself:

No recruiters please.

Follow these steps for your application:   In your resume please answer the following:
  1. Select the job you wish to apply for
  2. Fill out application
  3. Attach your resume and any sample work.
  4. Review your application
  5. Hit Send
  • How many years of industry experience do you have?
  • How many years of non industry experience do you have?
  • What unique abilities do you have to offer TGS?
  • When would you be available to start?


Note: We are currently a 100% self funded company, though through hard work and dedication you will earn credits into the company and sales % on a quarterly basis. This will last until we receive full funding, then a competitive salary and benefits will be awarded to those dedicated staff members.

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About TGS

We have a focus and strong commitment to creating and bringing you quality work with a focus on:

Game Development:

    • 2d Graphics
    • Concept art
    • User Interfaces
    • 3D Graphics
    • 3D Model development
    • Static Animations
    • Organic Animations