Our Goals
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Creativity, Quality and Business

Over the last several years we have seen a lot of games come and go. Some have been really great but lacked the funding, while others started out very well though fell behind due to lack of development or creativity. We ended up deciding to take a dream that began in the mid 80's and bring it to life.


Developer's Creed

We have found throughout the years, as developers and players, there are a few core things that make the difference in game play and player enjoyment. We have chosen in Dark Relic to adopt the best practices that we have seen throughout the years and put our own personal spin on them. From a business perspective, we need to have goals. From a player perspective, you need to know what we think about certain items. So this article is here to let you know what we believe in and how it will affect the game. Thank you for being here, reading this article now - and for trusting that we will adhere to our credo.


Our Pledge to You, the Player:

We pledge to stay true to our initial design. We feel that major changes to classes, quests, crafting, and general game play are more disruptive than helpful. We will fix bugs, we may fine tune – but we will not overhaul a system without just cause. If we need to, there will be a poll with options presented, and we will go with popular vote where and when it is possible.

If a change needs to occur, it will be published as an issue, and we will take player advisement where and when it applies.
We pledge to keep the game fun and balanced for all player types. It is difficult at times finding that healthy balance, though with thorough testing and feedback from the community, we will continually examine content and game play.

Unique characteristics in player classes will be useful in different environments. Classes will be balanced but not necessarily equal.

  • Some classes will be more difficult to solo – but if you are creative, you can do it.
  • Some classes will be more powerful in groups – but you can solo them if you have ingenuity.
  • Some players will just want to hunch down and craft and study, their character build can be tailored to suit those desires.
  • Some will just want to wander and explore the world, you can do that too.
  • Players will be able to select sub classes, making the character build flexible and player driven.

We pledge to challenge you, the player. Dark Relic is not designed for bot players. If you want to bot , it’s not the place for you. However, if you are looking for puzzles, difficult mobs, things to flex your brains as well as your brawn, we are designing this game for you.

Sometimes, you may find that the game isn’t challenging enough – let us know, and you may be added to our brainstorming crew. We would love to see the way you think and try and outwit you.

There will be differing levels of play, and intricacies woven throughout. Sometimes taking things at face value will be deadly. Reading the NPC stories may give you clues, or red herrings.

We pledge to stay engaged with the player community. Our QA staff will also be in game as Game Masters. They will be on hand to assist with your needs, initiate special play, and visit.

The Guild Network has been created as a networking solution for guilds and players. Guild Ads are available to provide Guilds the ability to advertise for new players within the game, and through the magic of the internet. Guilds are categorized by General, Casual, Role Play, Raid and PVP – just to name a few. Guilds may also form alliances, to increase their numbers and allow for shared events.

The Player Network has been established to allow you your voice, to share with others ideas you have, and clues you have found throughout the game. Player characters will be linked to your Dark Relic Player Network account, so others may easily see your guild information, the groups you are in, and journal entries you have made. You decide how much you want to share with the other players within the network.

We Pledge to keep an interactive site that is helpful to you: the player. Dark Relic offers you a unique set of tools both in the game and on our site. These tools and add-ons are designed to help keep you, the player, up to date and in the know whether you are a guild leader or just a fan.

  • Guild Ads have been created to provide Guilds the ability to advertise for new players within the game, and through the magic of the internet.
  • We have registered with Facebook and Myspace. We believe in social networking through many forms and plan on helping you link up with friends and family in game and out
  • A unique and easy to search database of in game items.
  • Game guides to help you find that special item, craft a unique piece of gear, or just to see what a piece of furniture may look like.
  • Player driven wiki. This wiki is here for you to help build or search through a working and active database of knowledge.

We offer many outlets for the players to be involved in the game design. Our brainstorming team, player contests, and the Dark Wiki (our fan submissions area) are three of our core methods for allowing players to provide input into how the game plays and what you can find within the world of Dark Relic.

We pledge to dream large, shoot for the stars, and reach for goals others think unachievable. We have many things planned for you, the player and are anxious to see you in the world of Dark Relic!


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