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Artists Corneroffice 05Triad Game Studios gives you a look into the team at TGS and those that have helped with the Dark Relic along the way.


We would also like to recognize and thank all those that have joined temperarily to help out with smaller parts of development.

Many thanks to our team and volunteers: Past, present and future!

Team Leaders

Sarrene Grant
Team Leads

I started drawing since before I could walk. It was something amazing to me. I remember drawing an ...

Ron Farrell
Team Leads

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering but throughout my career I have mainly been programming ...

Jonathan Grant
Team Leads

Jonathan Grant has been working with computers and networks for over 20 years. Starting out in High ...

Art Department

Ashley Walters

Talented and charming, Ashley Walters puts her heart and soul into all her ...

Mark Jenkins

Contract 3d modeler/animator primarily working with Pumpin Interactive.

Programmers and Scripters

Craig Bond
Programmers and Technical

I have been an avid game player and designer for many.. many years, my ...

Testing and QA

Tony Magil

My names Robert Magill but all my friends call me Tony. But you can call me ...

Jeremy Mitchel

Hello and welcome! I have been gaming since I was two years old. My gaming ...

World Builders

Ken Hutton
World Builders

Growing up I always enjoyed making my own maps in every game I played.  I ...

Audio and Music

Mads Brandt

My field is composing music for orchestras and exotic instruments.  


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About TGS

We have a focus and strong commitment to creating and bringing you quality work with a focus on:

Game Development:

    • 2d Graphics
    • Concept art
    • User Interfaces
    • 3D Graphics
    • 3D Model development
    • Static Animations
    • Organic Animations